Whistleblower Lawsuit Loans


In 2019 2,084 brave people stepped up to report Section11(c) OSHA violations. This is one of the most popular whistleblower categories. No matter what type of whistleblower case you reported, you did the right thing.

However, despite standing up for what’s right, you may face some hard times ahead. You shouldn’t have to worry about how you’re going to pay your bills while you help bring a company or a government agency to justice.

Whistleblower Pre Settlement Loans


Whistleblower pre-settlement loans can help you breathe easy while you wait for your case to come to a conclusion. This isn’t a standard loan; our whistleblower lawsuit funding is a risk-free solution to your financial worries.

Do You Have a Whistleblower Case?

If you see your employer committing waste, abuse, corruption, or fraud, you can stand up for what’s right and come forward with this information. An investigation will get commence, and then if deemed appropriate, legal charges will be brought against the company.

Here are some common whistleblower lawsuits:

As the whistleblower, you hope to remain anonymous. Unfortunately, there’s no statutory right under the Whistleblower Protection Act to remain anonymous. This means you can potentially face retaliation from your employer through termination

Whistleblower Funding


, demotion, discrimination, or damage to your reputation through the judgment of others.

How We Can Help?

Once you lose your position and your identity is known throughout your industry, it can be difficult to obtain new employment. As your case remains pending, you still have bills and living expenses to pay.

You can’t properly pursue your case if you’re distracted by trying to manage your expenses. We offer whistleblower case funding to help you manage your expenses while you wait for your case to move through the court system.

We consider this an important service. As a whistleblower, we don’t want you to hesitate to report wrongdoing because you fear financial strain.

How Whistleblower Lawsuit Loans Work

Whistleblower Lawsuit Loans


Whistleblower funding is similar to our pre-settlement funding. The main difference is that there is no “settlement” in a whistleblower case. Instead, you receive a reward for your risk and efforts in being a whistleblower.

You’ll need to fill out an application to start the loan process. Then if approved, you’ll receive your funding.  You don’t have to repay your loan until you receive your reward from your whistleblower case.

No-Risk to You

This is not a typical loan. There is no risk of accepting this type of loan as a whistleblower. If you lose your case, you owe nothing.

That means you incur no risk by accepting your funding. What you agree to is called a non-recourse loan. Meaning, if you fail to receive a reward in your case, then you do not have to repay your loan.

How to Apply for Whistleblower Funding

When you apply for your funding, you’ll need to give some information about yourself, your attorney’s contact information, your case, and the amount you’re requesting. We’ll then do a quick evaluation and determine what we can offer you.

There is no credit check, employment verification, and no bank approval required. All it takes is filling out an online form or a friendly phone call with one of our representatives who will walk you through the process.

We only offer funding in certain states, so you must reside in one of our lawsuit funding states to qualify.

How Much Funding Can You Receive?



The exact amount you can be approved for will vary. This is because your loan amount will depend on the type of case you have. While it’s impossible for anyone to predict your reward amount, we can look at historical records to find similar cases to come up with an estimate.

Under the False Claims Act, whistleblowers typically receive between 15 and 30% of the amount recovered by the government as a result of your whistleblowing. This can be quite a lot of money when you consider that defendants found guilty of fraud are liable for three times the amount of the actual damages plus up to $11,000 per false claim.

We will approve funding for a percentage of what your final reward will be. We do not approve funding for the entire estimated amount.

Factors That Affect Compensation

There are a number of factors that come into play when determining what percentage of the amount recovered you’ll receive. First, the quality of your information is determined.

Did you supply correct and reliable information, and was that information the basis for the case? If the bulk of the information was already known, and you simply confirmed it, then your percentage will be lower.

Second, did you hire skilled legal representation? The more you and your attorney contribute to the case, the larger the reward will be for both you and your attorney.

Third, did you contribute to the fraud? While you’re encouraged to be a whistleblower even though you were complacent in the wrongdoing, this activity can reduce your reward.

Notable Whistleblower Rewards

While no one can promise you a specific reward amount, most whistleblower cases result in large rewards. As you can see, whistleblowers are from all industries and span across a wide range of violations.

J P Morgan

A recent whistleblower case resulted in two individuals getting awarded $50 million. The Securities and Exchange Commission announced that one whistleblower received $37 million, while the other received $13 million. Both gave high-quality information that assisted the agency in bringing a successful enforcement action.

The case centered around JPMorgan, who agreed to pay $307 million in a settlement. The charges alleged that the New York bank failed to disclose to its wealth management customers potential conflicts of interest that could influence its investment practices.

The 37 million dollar award is the third-highest award the agency has given. The SEC has awarded about 61 individuals a total of $376 million since issued its first award in 2012.


Back in 2014, one woman left the courthouse after her whistleblower case $96 million richer. This was her share of a $750 million penalty paid by GlaxoSmithKline. Thanks to the brave efforts of several former employees, this company was brought to justice for its fraud against the government.

It was alleged that the company manufactured and sold adulterated drug products. Problems centered around a factory in Puerto Rico where drugs were produced in non-sterile conditions and made in the wrong doses.

Bank of America

In 2018 three whistleblowers split $83 million after they helped regulators reach a settlement with Bank of America for $415 million. This case began in 2016 and focused on Bank of America’s actions, where it put customer assets at risk through the mishandling of securities and cash.



When Will You Get Paid?

Waiting for your whistleblower case to come to a close can take years. You are bringing a complaint against a large corporation that has plenty of financial backing and a large team of experienced lawyers. It can take countless hours of courtroom sessions before a settlement is reached or a decision rendered.

Then, you’ll have to wait for that corporation to pay the penalty in whole. Only then will you receive your reward. In the meantime, you face getting blacklisted in your industry and losing friends and professional connections.

You can receive your whistleblower funding quickly with minimal processing time. This means that you have the means to wait out the process.

What Can I Use My Loan Funds For?



You can use the money we loan you for whatever expenses you currently face. This money is to help you support yourself while you go through the whistleblower lawsuit process. We understand that you face several types of financial obligations, so we do not limit your funding to a single purpose.

  • Mortgage
  • Car payment
  • Student loans
  • Medical bills
  • Utilities
  • Living expenses

Use this money to pay your current financial obligations so that you can focus on the long term. We want to help you level the playing field so that you can rightfully bring to justice a corporation or government entity that is committing fraud or some other illegal or unethical action.

Consider Our Whistleblower Pre-Settlement Loans

If you’re currently in the middle of a whistleblower case, then you know how nerve-wracking it can be to sit and wait. If your employer has terminated you, then this waiting can become even more stressful as you try to fulfill your financial obligations.



Whistleblower pre-settlement loans can help you breathe easy while you wait for your case determination. Our team of skilled and sympathetic representatives is here to help you through the application process.

Contact us today and let us help you during your time of need while you wait for your pending whistleblower case to conclude.

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