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A Washington D.C. Lawsuit Cash Advance for or cash for a pending Lawsuit Does Not Require Immediate Repayment. Actually there is no repayment at all if you lose your case

The unique thing about Washington D.C. Pre Settlement Funding options from LAWsuit LOANS 911 is that they don’t actually require repayment until the settlement itself has been accepted by the plaintiff. Until that time, the lawsuit loan remains essentially dormant. There are costs for the risk taken as they would with any loan, but these amounts will all be deducted from the total of the settlement only if and when you win your case

Once the settlement has been issued by the other party, Washington D.C. Lawsuit Funding Advances will become eligible for repayment. This will typically involve a portion of the settled suit, typically around 10 percent of the underwriters initial evaluation of the projected lawsuit settlement, due in a full, lump sum payment to the originating funder. It requires no installments, no financial hardship, and no legal wrangling on behalf of the plaintiff or their attorney.

Washington D.C. Lawsuit Funding Pre Settlement Finance from LAWsuit LOANS 911 is Easier to Qualify for Than a Typical Bank Loan

Major lenders use a complex lending formula that takes into account a borrower’s credit score, the information found during a manual review of their credit report and information about their earning potential and current annual salary. When a lawsuit is filed, it’s typically because someone has been injured and his or her earning potential has been reduced. Big lenders will see this and almost immediately deny a loan request.

LAWsuit LOANS 911’s Washington D.C. Litigation Cash Advances for a lawsuit, though, do not follow the same format. Instead, these unique lending products consider only the virtue and eventual outcome of the consumer’s lawsuit against another party. The lender considers the potential settlement amount that might result from legal action, and offers a Washington D.C. Pre Settlement Loan based on a percentage of that potential settlement. Furthermore, most Washington D.C. Pre Settlement Loan Companies don’t include a consumer’s credit score at all or their actual credit report at all It results in far easier approval and quicker results for today’s plaintiffs and their attorneys.

All Washington D.C. Legal Advance Loans are Handled In-House from Start to Finish

Pre Settlement Funding-Lawsuit Cash Advance Loans

Another thing that sets Washington D.C. Pre Settlement Funding apart from lending options at major banks is the in-house handling of all operations related to the loan itself. Big banks have been known to trade and sell consumer loans and other products, subjecting them to uncertain customer service requests, higher fees, and worse personal service overall. That’s not how our Washington D.C. Legal Financing companies work for Washington D.C. plaintiffs and their attorneys

Instead, a Washington D.C. Pre Settlement Loan is handled entirely in-house, from the loan application and the origination of the approved balance to final repayment. Customer service and other inquiries are all handled by the same knowledgeable staff, resulting in less stress and greater peace of mind on behalf of borrowers. This comprehensive commitment to great customer service is one of the reasons that so many people are choosing pre settlement loans over competing options offered elsewhere.

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