Settlement Cash Advance

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Settlement Cash Advance

Settlement Cash AdvanceS


What is a Settlement Cash Advance? Let’s say you and your attorney have finally agreed to a settlement offer from the defendant’s insurance Company. It still does not feel like you have any more money in your pocket because you don’t. Next, you must survive another waiting period that can continue for months or even last a whole year. When you want to enjoy your future money now, you can apply for a  Settlement Cash Advance.

How a Settlement Cash Advance can Help!

A Settlement Cash Advance can immediately relieve your day to day financial pressures. It’s your money, so why suffer during the final phase in the litigation process. You have absolutely no risk because your settlement amount has been agreed on. Of course you do not know the exact amount of money you will receive. All final expenses like medical, court reporters, expert witnesses and you attorney’s fee have to be calculated. Of course, there is always the small risk that the other attorney backs out of the verbal deal.. A remarkable benefit of our Settlement Cash Advance is the No Risk component of our LAWsuit LOANS 911 Settlement Cash Advance contracts. Even if your case crashes and you end up with no settlement at all, you owe us nothing. How can that be? The answer is our Settlement Cash Advances are all non-recourse cash advances. So -You truly have no risk and nothing to lose and a lot of peace of mind to gain.
Sometimes a lawsuit Cash Advance is referred to as a Lawsuit Funding Loan or a Pre Settlement Loan or a Settlement Cash Advance or even Lawsuit Cash Advance Funding – Regardless of the terminology, the benefits are the same and the process is quite simple.

You can apply online in under a minute. Within minutes our team of experts sends a document request to your attorney. If your attorney wants to move the process along he will send us the few documents we ask for the same day.

Please Contact Us Today For a No Risk, Settlement Cash Advance  

After we receive your paperwork our team of attorney underwriters

Will review your case and hopefully your Settlement Cash Advance is approved



                  LAWsuit LOANS 911 provides a variety of methods for you to receive your money – If you would like to receive it the same day, we can wire the funds directly into your bank. We can also send it overnight or send it by regular mail.

   In any event we make sure you receive your money when and where you want.

We offer Settlement Cash advances on a multitude of Types of Case