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If you or someone you care about is going through it, you may not yet know how debilitating and horrific it will be. Most people trust products sold to them at stores or online because they know in the U.S. there’s a stringent process any product goes through before being offered to consumers. But sometimes products get through the rigorous product tests, only to have consumers later discover there’s something wrong with them.In this instance, it’s Roundup weed killer that’s the alleged infamous carcinogenic. Lawsuits started being filed against Monsanto, one of the parent companies of Roundup weed killer not that long ago. As of 2018, Bayer AG is the parent company of Monsanto.

It was found the glyphosate found in RoundUp weed killer was a probable human carcinogen. Glyphosate was listed as a probable human carcinogen by the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC). IARC is part of the World Health Organization (WHO).

Read on to discover and learn about recent cancer cases from RoundUp weed killer and what you need to do if you have health concerns due to your purchase and use of a product you trusted.

RoundUp Weed Killer

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Many consumers in the U.S. who’ve used RoundUp weed killer for years have been diagnosed with cancer. The cancer the RoundUp consumers have been diagnosed with has been tied to the glyphosate herbicide exposure they received over the course of months or years. There have been some new lawsuit developments in the RoundUp cancer cases lately.

People from all walks of life who used RoundUp in their role as a farmer, landscaper, homeowner, gardener and more are now at risk of developing non-Hodgkin lymphoma and other types of cancer. But the cancer risks really started decades ago. There’s documentation that shows Monsanto knew RoundUp caused cancer but hid it from consumers due to strong sales and a lot of company profit.

RoundUp Weed Killer Lawsuits

Now there’s over 42,000 RoundUp lawsuits and 4,000 consumers with cancer who are suing Monsanto in various state courts. There’s no public notice or label which lets consumers know by using RoundUp weed killer they may be putting their life at risk. Monsanto still denies anything in their RoundUp weed killer causes cancer, but it’s hard to make a case for Monsanto when you’re looking at 4000 cancer causes with one common denominator, which is the use of Monsanto weed killer.

As of today, there’s no direct evidence glyphosate a component in the RoundUp weed killer causes cancer. Using that logic as their argument in 2016, Monsanto filed a lawsuit objecting to glyphosate being added by various states listing it as a carcinogen.

Thus far, no judge has backed them up.

Three Monsanto Trials

Monsanto has won and lost lawsuits from individual consumers who now have cancer allegedly because of their use of RoundUp weed killer. The following represents the list of the three lawsuits against Monsanto that went to trial. All three were won by consumers against Monsanto for millions of dollars.

They are:

  • Pilliod et al. v. Monsanto Co. – $2.055 Billion Jury Verdict
  • Johnson v. Monsanto Co. – $289.2 Million Jury Verdict
  • Hardeman v. Monsanto Co. —$80 Million Jury Verdict

Sometimes there are lawsuits won where the plaintiffs can’t wait until all the appeals are over and the money is awarded. There are companies that can help you with your financial needs while you fight to get healthy against your illness, disease or injury. Most consumers impacted by a cancer-causing product will never be able to go back to work, so they need a stop-gap measure.

The stop-gap measure allows them to access a pre-settlement loan using the lawsuit as proof they will have funding in the future.

When You Can’t Wait One More Day

Dewayne Anthony Lee Johnson, a former school groundskeeper, is one of the consumers who won their case against Monsanto. His lawsuit ended with him being awarded $78 million. At the same time, he won his lawsuit against Monsanto; he sometimes couldn’t pay his rent or buy groceries.

Companies as rich and powerful as Monsanto can drag a lawsuit out for years, even decades, if they want. So Mr. Johnson used a funding tool that allowed him to gain the pre-settlement loan he needed for day to day living expenses while he waited for Monsanto to exhaust their appeals. RoundUp pre-settlement loans help you get the money you need while the wheels of justice turn slowly.

Erosion of Trust Regarding Conglomerates and Their Cancer Causing Agents

Juries are making awards against giant corporate players like Monsanto by asking them to use, drink, eat, or partake of the very product they say is safe. Monsanto has been taking one hit after the other in the RoundUp weed killer lawsuits because documentation reflects a cover-up of its health risks for decades. Health risks that lead to cancer cannot be easily dismissed.

There’s plenty of documentation about how Monsanto covered up the hazards of glyphosate. The documentation was presented in all three cases that went to trial. Concurrent to the ongoing cover-up, public trust in giant conglomerates and even the federal government, is eroding.

The erosion of public trust is based on the demise of corporate morality, which applies itself by extending the life of every lawsuit. It is why pre-settlement loans are sometimes so needed and useful.

Pre-Settlement Loans for RoundUp Weed Killer Lawsuits

The one common refrain in every RoundUp and other corporate liability consumer lawsuits is it tends to linger in the legal systems for a long time. In the meantime, you have real-life with real health issues, responsibilities or events you need to address. That’s why LawCash911 is there for you.

LawCash911 is committed to getting you the money you need, so you don’t have to worry about how long it will take to get your lawsuit’s monetary award. It’s one way to help you move forward with your life. No One knows how many tomorrows we have.

It’s important to have your today be as stress-free as possible with funding that helps you put the most difficult times behind you. Reach out to LawCash911, so you’re RoundUp weed killer settlement loan brings you a worry-free future starting today.





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