Qui Tam Lawsuit Loan

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Qui Tam Lawsuit Loan

A Qui Tam Case is a case filed by an individual against an entity that is or is defrauding the government. The person filing a Qui Tam Lawsuit could be a government worker or could work for a firm that in turn is working for the government., the Qui Tam Action is informally viewed as whistle-blowing. The filing of the Qui Tam Case is based on the False Claims Act where private individuals who are not affiliated with the government are allowed to file lawsuits against another individual or entity (usually federal contractors) who are defrauding the government. The fraud in a Qui Tam Case usually reveals to the government a financial loss or maybe there is a theft of government intellectual property Because a Qui Tam Lawsuit helps the government recover the amount defrauded from them, a person filing the Qui Tam case is entitled to 15% to 25% share of the recovered assets.

Qui Tam lawsuit loans are different than a  typical Lawsuit Loan. Since this case involves a person revealing a “secret wrongdoing” a lot of the paperwork is sealed and redacted. This means we never get a chance to see all the circumstances involving the fraud. Fortunately LAWsuit LOANS 911 has a complete set of settlement funding Personal Injury attorneys at hand. How can they approve a Lawsuit Cash Advance without all of the paperwork available for review?. The answer is they have in total over 100 years of experience in underwriting Plaintiff Funding.

The Bottom Line is Experience

Approval of Qui Tam Lawsuit loans requires at least some knowledge of how the fraud was perpetrated. We also have to be able to calculate the extent and the value of the scheme’s profits. When that number is generated LAWsuit LOANS 911 will typically offer to fund 10 to 20 percent of the potential recovery. At this point we prepare a Qui Tam Lawsuit Case contract. We send a copy of this contract to you and another to your attorney for review. If you are satisfied with our Litigation Funding contract you would send back a signed copy. How you wish to receive your funds is entirely up to you. We could overnight a check or even directly wire the funds into your account. The bottom line is you could have your Lawsuit Money in a matter of hours

All our Lawsuit Cash Advances are Non-recourse Loans

This means we are investing in your lawsuit and assuming risk. If you lose your case the money is yours for free


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