Motorcycle Accident Lawsuit Loans

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Motorcycle Accident Lawsuit Loans

Motorcycle accidents can result in horrific injuries. According to some studies, motorcycle accidents and fatalities are on the increase. If you are injured you may benefit from a Motorcycle Lawsuit Loan Only 20 states require that riders wear helmets, with 27 states requiring helmets for riders age 20 or younger. Only about one in five riders involved in accidents escape with no injuries.

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Many accidents are not the fault of the rider. About 70 percent of motorcycle accidents occur at intersection where motorists will turn directly in front of a bike, causing severe injuries to the rider and any passenger. Injuries from motorcycle accidents include injuries to the head and face. You may benefit from a Motorcycle Accident Lawsuit Loan. Broken limbs, organ damage, internal bleeding, knee injuries, and spinal cord injuries are not uncommon. Without gloves or leather clothing, severe skin damage can result as well. We offer Non Recourse Lawsuit Loans.

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If you were involved in a serious motorcycle accident through no fault of your own, you may be experiencing a bias that assumes that you must have caused the accident since you were riding a motorcycle. Consider a Lawsuit Funding Loan. Law enforcement officers commonly assume that riders were speeding or acting recklessly and will accept the motorist’s version of the accident rather than the rider’s. An experienced motorcycle accident attorney can help you overcome these obstacles. He may recommend Lawsuit Funding.. Along with liability issues, you may not have been able to work for several months or your injury may have left you with a permanent disability making a return to your job highly unlikely.

With these issues weighing heavily on your mind, consider Lawsuit Loans 911 for motorcycle accident Lawsuit Loans. We are a Legal Funding company in the business of helping injured victims like you to get back on their feet or to meet immediate financial needs while your lawsuit is being prosecuted by your attorney. Our non-recourse Motorcycle Accident Lawsuit Loans enable you to take no risk. We are only paid if your settlement or court verdict results in compensation to you. If you lose your case, you owe us nothing.

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Our rates are as competitive as any other Lawsuit Funder in the industry and we have outstanding customer service. Complete our free, online application or call Toll Free today and we will immediately review it and discuss it with your attorney. Our review and Settlement Funding approval process is very fast since we require no credit check, no employment verification, and no need to consult with any banks or anyone else since we are Direct Funders. Upon approval of your application, we will submit our terms, documents and cash offer to you and your attorney. If you accept our offer, we can send you a Lawsuit Cash Advance in as little as 24 hours. Get the compensation from your lawsuit while it is still pending. Submit your application to Lawsuit Loans 911 and see if we can help.

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