LAWSUIT LOANS – on Pending Lawsuits

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Lawsuit Loans - Loans on your Lawsuit

Lawsuit Loans – Loans on your Lawsuit

Exactly what is a Lawsuit LoanLawsuit Loans are not really Loans at all –  Yes, You Receive Cash Upfront – But We Share The Risk In Your Lawsuit. It’s A Non-Recourse Lawsuit Loan -That means in the Unlikely event that you lose your case you owe us nothing. So – “No Win No Pay!” That means you are receiving “Risk Free Money”. In reality the money is all yours to begin with but it’s nice to have some of it now when you need it most. It is unfortunate that the pursuit of justice can be difficult and expensive.Consider that you may have been injured so badly and in such a way that you cannot work at all. A way to handle the financial burden caused by a  protracted lawsuit may be getting a portion of your settlement applying for a  Lawsuit Loan. Keep in mind Insurance Companies have hundreds of defense attorneys on staff. Their job description is quite simple.”settle your case for the lowest payout possible”

Let’s sum it all up – Advantages of Lawsuit Loans

Lawsuit Loan on a Case

Lawsuit Loan on a Case

  1. Lawsuit Loans are non-recourse loans – No Win – No Pay
  2. There are no credit checks at any time like Lawsuit Cash Advances
  3. You can be unemployed and stay unemployed if you wish..
  4. We do not require any monthly payments
  5. Our contracts are simple and in plain English
  6. There is no application fee for our Lawsuit Loans aka Pre Settlement Loans
  7. The application can be filled out in less than one minute
  8. We will work with your attorney to get the best deal possible
  9. You can use the money for whatever you want
  10. Most importantly – You will never have to accept any Low Ball offers from your Insurance Company.
Get a Lawsuit Loan Today

Get a Lawsuit Loan Today

The fight for justice can be riddled with challenges and the wheels of justice are very slow. With a Lawsuit Loan or Lawsuit Funding you can immediately eliminate all your immediate financial burdens. The legal process will be less painful. Please keep in mind – a Lawsuit Loan allows you to wait out the insurance Company and receive the largest settlement check possible


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