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Plaintiffs who have a malfunctioning IVC Filter implant are now eligible for a Lawsuit Loan from LAWsuit LOANS 911. Lawsuit Loans also known as Pre Settlement Loans provide instant cash to a victim who is waiting for their IVC Filter lawsuit to settle.

IVC Filter Lawsuit Settlement Loans are Now Available 

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IVC Filters and the Vena Cava

IVC Filters and Vena Cava Placement

When a patient is at risk of developing blood clots in the legs or a patient has been diagnosed with pulmonary embolus or deep vein thrombosis (DVT) an IVC Filter may be the solution.

What is An IVC Filter? – “An IVC filter is a metal umbrella or metal scaffolding, which is placed in the inferior vena cava to filter the blood flowing from the legs to the veins,” explained Dr. Sobieszczyk. The concept is for the filter to filter out any potential blood clots that might be traveling to the pulmonary artery

The Inferior Vena Cave is a large Vein in the abdomen, which returns deoxignated blood from the lower parts of the body to the lungs. This blood, from the lower half of the body, sometimes develops clots. A properly placed, working IVC Filter will prevent clots from ever reaching the heart. IVC Filters are typically used when more conventional solutions such as blood thinners have not worked.

IVC Filter Stops Clots

IVC Filter Stops Clots

Different types of IVC Filters

According to the North American Thrombosis Forum, there are basically two types of IVC Filters. One is permanent and the other is retrievable. When the risk of blood clotting is very high, a doctor might choose the permanent model. This option is often preferred if the patient has not responded to blood thinning medication. The development of the temporary filter was a result of the physician.desiring to retrieve the filter when the patient returned to good health.

The risks of having an IVC Filter implantation 

     As with any medical procedure, an IVC Filter has its own set of risks  Anytime a foreign object is placed in one’s body there is a risk of causing DVT though the risk is very small. There is also a small risk of getting an infection. This risk is about one in a thousand. There is also a risk that the filter could actually move after insertion. This could cause damage to your blood vessel. Rarely the filter breaks off and parts of it can travel to your heart.

With the promise of a better quality of life, thousands of people put their bodies through this surgery. But when they came out of surgery, thousands of people now live with additional pain and suffering, with metal prongs permanently lodged in their IVC, perforated bowels, immense throbbing in their spine and even a higher risk of death. These IVC filters have failed

FDA warns of the dangers 

IVC Filter Dangers

IVC Filter Dangers

Unfortunately, physicians and patients throughout the nation soon came to the realization that many IVC Filters were not working properly.. Their worries were shown to be all too real when the FDA started reporting clinical studies associating IVC Filters implantations to side effects resulting in serious injuries and sometimes even death.

The most common problem was part of the filter breaking loose and then these small fragments were free to travel throughout the body. Eventually they would cause internal bleeding after puncturing and causing internal wounds.

The following Brands of Filters have injured victims throughout the nation:

  • G2 Express filter
  • Cook Celect filter
  • Bard G2 filter
  • Boston Scientific Greenfield filter

If you have been injured by an IVC filter LAWsuit LOANS 911 can provide Pre Settlement Funding

If you have an active case and have hired a lawyer, we can help get you funding today. Contact Us Now

Do You Qualify for a Pre-Settlement Cash Advance on Your IVC Filter Lawsuit

ivc filter lawsuit settlement loans

Ivc filter lawsuit settlement loans

Getting a loan on your case is very different from getting a traditional bank loan — At LAWsuiot LOANS 911. If you have retained an attorney and have filed a IVC Filter lawsuit you are pre approved.. 

In order to determine the amount of the loan you may qualify for, we have to consider the value of your case. This is simply reviewing the injuries you have suffered because of your use of the defective medical device.

How can we get information concerning your IVC Filter case? We can learn that by contacting your law firm and asking for some basic documents. In general, though, the value of your IVC Filter case will generally depend on the extent of the damages sustained by the Plaintiff.

 At LAWsuit LOANS 911 our underwriters will look for the following symptoms when evaluating your case.

  • Cardiac tamponade
  • Fracturing, or the breaking apart of the filter
    IVC Filter Recalls

    IVC Filter Recalls

  • Vena Cava puncture wounds
  • Ventrical tachycardia
  • Shortness of breath
  • Persistant chest pain
  • The FDA has never issued a mandatory recall of any IVC filter implant. IVC filter manufacturers have made several voluntary recalls of IVC filter models that have been especially dangerous. However, none of those voluntary recalls have gone far enough in removing defective and dangerous products from the market.The table below provides the IVC filter, recall list, updated through May, 2019:
    Date Posted Recall Class IVC Filter Product Source of Recall Reason for Recall Termination Date
    3/19/2019 3 Celect Platinum and Gunther Tulip Cook Medical Updates to Instructions for Use Open
    3/13/2015 2 Denali IVC Filter Bard Missing information from Instructions for Use 2/1/2016
    9/27/2013 2 OptEase Vena Cava Filter Cordis Printing error instructed IVC filter to be implanted upside down 9/23/2014
    3/29/2013 1 OptEase Vena Cava Filter Cordis Labeling could lead to implanting IVC filter backwards 10/27/2014
    10/30/2007 2 VenaTech LP Vena Cava Filter System B. Braun Package sealing problem could compromise device sterility 3/2/2008
    10/6/2006 3 Stainless Steel Greenfield Vena Cava Filter Boston Scientific Wrong expiration date 7/3/2012
    12/2/2005 1 Greenfield Vena Cava Filter Boston Scientific Carrier capsule and outer sheath can detach and cause embolization in the patient’s heart or lungs 4/2/2007
    8/5/2005 2 Greenfield Vena Cava Filter Boston Scientific Some devices may lack a taper on the braided sheath of the filter, which could tear the edge of the vein

Please feel free to contact us at LAWsuit Loans911 for any Pre Settlement Funding requests….

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