Lawsuit Funding Loans

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Cash Handed To You The Easy Way?

Why wait It’s your money?



Let’s See If a Lawsuit Funding Loan is a good choice for you!

Life is about choices….

Is the lack of money causing hardships for you and your family?

Do you have enough money for your daily living expenses?

Is it about time for a vehicle replacement?

Mounting medical costs or simply just paying everyday bills can cause havoc?  

So – Is it wiser to wait for your settlement or use our Lawsuit Funding Services?….

Consider the Pros and Cons of getting Lawsuit Funding Loans, NOW,, when you need it….

The obvious negative argument would be — Well, I am using up my future hard earned cash…

But wait…….



Here is the positive side of Lawsuit Cash 911’s unique approach to Lawsuit Funding Advances.

We do not provide Lawsuit Funding Loans, rather we offer Lawsuit Loans Advances….

The difference is enormous….

With our Non Recourse Pre Settlement Advances, If you lose your case, you owe us nothing..

Also there is….

No credit check…           



No income verification…..

No banks involved at all………

In addition.

Also consider this…

Money now can allow you to “wait out” the Insurance Company’s initial “lowball offers” and in the end receive a much larger settlement check……

Lawsuit Funding Loans

Lawsuit Funding Loans

So how do lawsuit funding loans work?.

Now there are two ways you can go about getting. a lawsuit funding loan

1) You can simply complete and submit the form online. -or-

2) You can call us directly on the phone. This way you speak to  a representative of our company who will guide you through the process.

When applying for a lawsuit funding loan. what sort of documents do we require?

1) Confirmation that your attorney has been retained
2) A completed document request.. This one the lawyer actually fills out for us.
3) We must have a police report/incident report or some proof of how you were injured.
4) We must have the proof of your insurance or the coverage that you have.
5) We must also have any medical documents or bills.

So how long will it take for you to get your lawsuit funding loan?

It usually takes anywhere from 24-48 hours after we receive the documents. We need this time to see if the advance is warranted… We need to evaluate the case, including making an estimate as to what your final settlement may be.. During the process of receiving a  lawsuit funding loan, our company takes a look at the possibilities your case will prevail in court or resolve as a result of settlement negotiations. These are all determining factors that we consider. We don’t just give out lawsuit funding loans to anybody with any case. We must determine if your case deserves the lawsuit funding loan so we have a reasonable chance of being paid back. Please remember – If you lose your case you owe nothing..

What happens once you have been approved?

One of our associates will contact you. We will go over a few things, including how much you have been approved for. If you agree, we will send over a contract for you to review and sign if you approve it.. The sooner you get the forms back to us, the sooner you can get your money.