Hernia Mesh Lawsuit Funding Loans

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Hernia Mesh Lawsuit Loans - Pre Settlement Funding Hernia Mesh

Hernia Mesh Lawsuit Loans – Pre Settlement Funding Hernia Mesh


Hernia Lawsuit Funding Loans – Hernia Lawsuit Cash Advance Funding

Hernia Pre Settlement Loans – Hernia Litigation Settlement Cash Advances

It is estimated that over 950,000 patients undergo Hernia Mesh surgery each year. That figure only includes operations performed in the USA. It is quite shocking to some patients to discover that Hernia Mesh procedures have been conducted since 1891. Since then researchers have searched and used many divergent types of materials trying to find the perfect solution to repair all the various types of hernias that often appear as damaged tissues after surgeries. The abdomen is where most hernias are found. They are also common in the groin area.The search for the best material for repair continues.Doctors have even used pig or cow tissue to repair the hernia. In the final analysts most surgeons gravitated towards the use of synthetic materials for hernia repair.and it soon became the preferred material.applied during surgery.

Typical names for hernia’s are – Inguinal (Groin) – Femoral (Upper Thigh) – Ventral (Abdominal Wall) – Umbilical (Belly Button) – Hiatal – (Near Stomach Area)


The removal of defective Hernia Mesh requires invasive general open surgery which is often associated with many dangerous negative complications, including death. The surgeon must cut into your body and physically remove all unwanted material. The Risk of Death during Surgery is approximately .02% and the risk of any complications is around 8%.

Hernia Mesh Lawsuit Funding Cash Advances * Hernia Mesh Pre Settlement Advances

Hernia Mesh Case Lawsuit Loans


Johnson and Johnson has a subsidiary named Ethicon

Around May of 2016 J&J product – Physiomesh Flexible Composite Hernia Mesh – was recalled due to high revision rates and serious side effects including pain, bowel obstructions, seroma (fluid buildup) and actual recurrence of the hernia itself. A few months later Europe initiated a recall as well. Recalls were not limited to J&J products. Atrium recalled their mesh products as well, recalling all C-Qur Hernia Mesh.products. 

In addition, there have been a slew of complaints involving Vagina Mesh often referred to as Trans Vaginal Mesh  – Mesh has been used to repair vaginal problems for women with pelvic floor disorders.Use of surgical mesh through the vagina to treat POP has been associated with a much higher incident of mesh-related complications.


Hernia Mesh Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Funding Loans

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Other J&J lawsuits — Depuy Hip Implants  —    Risperdal   — Xarelto   — Talcum Powder  etc.



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