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Estimates place the prevalence rate of wrongful imprisonment cases in the US at 2% to 10%. With 2.3 million people in prison, that

Wrongful Incarceration

Wrongful Incarceration Devastates 

translates to 46,000 to 230,000 innocent yet imprisoned people!

Exonerations, however, are not as frequent — only 2,635 reported cases since 1989. Still, the wrongful convictions of these exonerees led to at least 23,531 lost years.

If you or a loved one is an exoneree, then you likely have filed a wrongful incarceration lawsuit. It’s your every right, but it can take years to settle and receive compensation.

In this case, a fast lawsuit cash advance can help fill in the gap as you wait for what your state owes you.

The question is, what exactly is a lawsuit cash advance? How can it help those who’ve suffered from false imprisonment? Most importantly, how can you apply for and receive such legal funding?

This post will answer all these questions and more, so be sure to stay right on this page!

Wrongful Convictions: Their Irreversible and Life-Altering Damage

A whopping 39 years — that’s the longest time that an exonerated US defendant spent behind bars. That defendant is none other than Ricky Jackson.

At first, Jackson received a sentence that involved death by electric chair. In 1977, two years after his incarceration, the court reduced his sentence to life in prison.

I am an Innocent Man

I am an Innocent Man

According to the exoneree, he had to fight other inmates when he had to, to protect his own life. In interviews, he also recounted spending numerous times in solitary confinement. He also recalled how imprisonment killed all “his dreams” and intentions.

It was only in 2014 — almost four decades later — when prosecutors dropped all charges against him. The two brothers, who also had wrongful convictions for the same crime, had an earlier release. Both still spent decades behind bars for a crime that they, like Jackson, didn’t have anything to do with.

However, Jackson’s compensation for his wrongful imprisonment didn’t occur right after his release. It took several more months before he received the first preliminary award of $1 million. It wasn’t until April 2016 that the Ohio Court of Claims settled the full claim for $2.65 million.

This is only one of the thousands of examples of how damaging wrongful convictions are. No amount of money can replace all those years lost behind bars. However, rightful compensation can provide even a small ray of hope to those who finally get free.

Wrongful Imprisonment Settlements and Compensations Can Still Take Years

Victims of a false arrest or conviction have all the right to compensation. However, as Jackson’s case has highlighted, settlement can take months to several years. Worse, some states — the same ones that made a wrongful conviction resulting in wrongful imprisonment — have shown to offer little support.

There’s also the matter of employment discrimination against exonerees. Yes, the justice system has freed them of all charges, informing the public of their innocence. Still, many employers discriminate against them, sometimes rejecting them outright.

So, the pain and suffering continue. With little to no financial resources, many exonerees are at risk of being homeless. Even if they have loved ones to help care for them, they still need to have access to their own funds.

What Does a Lawsuit Cash Advance Have to Do With This Then?

Lawsuit Loans Help

Lawsuit Loans Help

lawsuit cash advance is a type of legal or litigation funding. This type of funding, in turn, is an agreement wherein a borrower will only pay upon the success of a lawsuit. Meaning, if the lawsuit ends up with the other party winning, the borrower won’t pay back the lender.

The “borrower”, in this case, the exoneree, will only pay back the lender after settlement. The lender will take a portion of the settlement amount as a repayment for the issued cash advance. So long as there’s no settlement, the borrower will owe the lender nothing.

That said, a cash advance can apply to pending lawsuits for wrongful imprisonment. It pays out a portion of a pending settlement in advance.

Let’s say you’ve already filed a false arrest or false imprisonment lawsuit. You have a lawyer working for you and who also confirms that you have a strong prima-facie case. With this, it would be quite easy for you to get a cash advance on the pending lawsuit.

A Deeper Look Into Cash Advance Funding for Wrongful Imprisonment Lawsuits

You may have heard of such cash advance programs referred to as pre-settlement loans. However, despite the word “loans” in the term, they aren’t like the traditional loans you get from banks.

In fact, no bank is likely to provide a loan to anyone who has no credit score. Personal loan lenders have also rejected as many as 76% of standard applications. Those are applications from regular consumers.

Unfortunately, many victims of false convictions and wrongful incarceration and wrongful incarceration have no credit score. There’s also nothing standard or regular about being an exoneree, unfortunately. That makes it even more unlikely for victims of injustice to get approved for a traditional loan.

lawsuit funding loan or cash advance, on the other hand, only needs you to have a lawyer and an active lawsuit. You don’t need to have a credit score, nor do you need to be an employee. No banks will have to take part in the application and approval processes either.

So long as you have a strong prima-facie case handled by a lawyer, you can apply for non-recourse funding.

How a Fast Lawsuit Cash Advance Can Help

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average consumer expenses in 2018 was $61,224. That translates to a daily cost of living of about $168 a day. Food expenditures alone accounted for $7,923 of that annual total.

Help Me Please

Help Me Please!!!!

As someone recently exonerated, you or a loved one likely has little to no funds to cover such costs. Yes, you’re awaiting settlement, but then again, it can take months to years before you get the money.

Lawsuit cash advances can give you access to the funds you need in as little as 24 to 48 hours. It won’t be the full settlement amount, but it could be enough to help cover your daily living costs.

The fast approval and issuance of cash is only one way that a pre-settlement cash advance can help. Here are other benefits of litigation funding that you can expect.

No Discrimination, Just Quick Assistance

Unlike some employers, banks, and other lenders, lawsuit funding companies don’t discriminate. Again, that’s because they don’t need to check your credit score or credit report.

What matters to them is that you’re free of previous charges. The dismissal of your conviction, after all, should make you entitled to compensation. This, in turn, means that at some point, you should receive a settlement.

However, because they know that this can take years, they’re ready to provide financial aid. So long as they can verify that you have a strong case, then you can rely on them for help.

Non-Recourse Means No Strict Repayment Timetable

Non Recourse Loans

Non Recourse Loans are Safe

One of the significant advantages of lawsuit funding loans is them being non-recourse. This means that if the courts don’t award you compensation, you don’t have to pay back the cash advance. This also means that, unlike bank loans, you don’t have to worry about monthly repayments.

Again, you would only have to pay back the pre-settlement cash advance if you win. Even if winning would take two years, it won’t matter — you’ll only have to make the repayment during that time.

The Application Process

The primary requirement for a lawsuit cash advance is a valid lawsuit. Meaning, you should already have a pending case against the erring parties. These can be the state, the police officers — anyone who had to do with your false conviction and jail time.

You also need to have a state-licensed attorney working on your behalf. The cash advance company would need to correspond with your lawyer. Your lawyer, in turn, would have to confirm that you have a solid case against the erring parties.

If you meet all these requirements, then you’re more than likely to qualify for a lawsuit cash advance.

Get the Help You Need With a Lawsuit Cash Advance Now

There you have it, everything you need to know about getting a fast lawsuit cash advance. As you can see, they provide invaluable help for victims of false arrests or convictions. Pre-settlement funding can give you or your loved one a fresh start in life sooner than your state can.

If you or a beloved family member has an active wrongful imprisonment case, we here at Lawsuit Cash 911 can help. Here’s a complete list of all the states we serve as well as our contact details. Please get in touch with us now so we can lend you cash ASAP.



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