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Low Cost Pre Settlement Loans


Lowest Rate Pre Settlement Loans

Lowest Rate Pre Settlement Loan


Sixteen million lawsuits are filed every year in the United States. If you’ve recently filed a lawsuit, you understand that it can take a while before you get the compensation you’re owed. When in need of cash to tide you over until you receive your settlement, a lowest rate pre-settlement loan is a great option.

Lawsuit funding companies regularly advertise lawsuit loans, but you shouldn’t jump to the first company you encounter. The lawsuit loans can be very costly make sure you understand the cost and decide if you really need one, then look for one with the best terms.

Are you finding it challenging to settle on a pre-settlement funding loan at a rate that works for you? Here are the top tips and strategies to help you find a low rate pre-settlement loan funding.

Learn How Lowest Rate Pre-settlement Funding Loans Work

The plaintiff in a pre-settlement loan can be part of a class-action lawsuit or may be involved in a personal injury suit (i.e., slips and fall, product liability, auto accident). Depending on the contract the plaintiff has with the funding company, the plaintiff should pay the loan once they receive the settlement.

Since the plaintiff has to pay back the loan, they will never incur any additional costs over the settlement awarded. Meanwhile you want to preserve your settlement money, Be careful as borrowers can sometimes pay up to 60% in interest rate per year. That’s why it’s essential to be aware of the terms and conditions of the contract the next time you decide to take a lawsuit loan.  However, you are assured of enjoying the pre-settlement loan benefits.

Consider the Interest Type

Some lenders use compound interest charged on the interest that builds over time, while others use simple interest (based on the principle of the loan). While both may be a viable option, it’s good to know the interest you’re going to be charged before agreeing to anything.

Most funding companies are unregulated and sometimes charge high rates for funding. That’s why you should be wary of unfavorable terms and high rates. Go for companies that charge simple, non-compounding rates. If you settle for a company that charges 3% monthly compounded with substantial fees (10%), it means that you’ll be paying aboiut 50% extra on what you were given in the first year.

If you settle on a company that offers a simple, semi-annual rate below 39%, it means that you’ll be paying less than 40% in the first year (Keep in mind origination costs are only paid for the first year). This may seem expensive, but still more than 90% or more contracts in the legal industry charge more than 40% per year.

When evaluating the interest rate for your pre-settlement loan, take note of hidden charges. If a company offers 20% with fewer fees and another at 22.2% with low fees, the slightly higher rate may be worth it. Any reputable company shouldn’t have hidden fees. Everything should be communicated during the initial inquiry and laid out in the contract.

Be Careful of Bad Deals

Be Careful of Bad Deals

Check for Any Red Flags

Did the company start this year, and you can’t find information about them online? Are they vague about their interest rates? Does the company advise you not to consult with your attorney? Take note of shady situations and red flags.

Understand that not all companies are the same, and regulations fluctuate by state — you should use your own judjment . Also, watch out for lawsuit lawn sharks. If the company you’re choosing refuses to answer questions when it comes to fees and interest rates, that’s a bad sign.

Once you’ve been given a contract, take a closer look at the fine print. After carefully examining the contract, you’ve got to know what rates and fees you’ll be charged. If you can’t do the math and confirm the payoff number with your attorney, don’t sign! Wait for Your Lowest Rate Pre Settlement Loan

Ask Tough Questions

If you’re to settle on a reputable company, you should be bold enough to ask tough questions. While you may be convinced by how quick and fast you can get that cash advancement, not all lawsuit companies are straightforward with their fees and rate. That’s why you should get a pre-settlement funding qupte in writing.before you do snything.

Some of the critical questions to ask include:

  • Is it simple or compound interest?
  • What interest rate do they charge?
  • Do you have to pay back the cash advance if you don’t receive a settlement?
  • Will you have to pay back the loan if it exceeds your settlement?
  • Did you find the lowest rate pre settlement loan?

Also, have your lawyer present when you ask the lawsuit loan company these questions.

Read Reviews Online

Reading different reviews online gives you a glimpse of how the lawsuit company operates and whether it’s legitimate or not. Take note of companies that have mostly negative reviews or all 5-star reviews. Draw the line before reading any reviews. If the reviewer complains of the lawsuit loan not providing a larger loan, this probably won’t be over the line for you.

Understand the Lawsuit Regulations in Your State

The regulation on lawsuits depends on the state you reside in. That’s why you should familiarize yourself with state laws and regulations. There are states where settlement loans aren’t considered as loans. This makes it easier for pre-settlement companies to skirt around usury and fair-lending laws.

With some states having almost no regulatory oversight, you should know what the lawsuit firms in your area can or cannot do. Speak to your attorney if you have any in-depth questions.

Direct vs. Broker Settlement

If you’re to get a pre-settlement loan, you should get it from a direct lender than through a broker who then puts you through to the lender. This way, you’ll avoid waiting longer and paying more to get the cash you need.

Get a Pre-Settlement Loan with Less Hustle

Getting a pre-settlement loan is easier if you work with a reputable lender who has your best interest at heart. However, you should be cautious and watch out for any red flags. This will help you avoid getting duped. Ask candid questions and read reviews online, and you’ll find it easy to settle on a pre-settlement funding loan for you.

Your Go-To Lowest Rate Pre-settlement Loan Company

When it’s all said and done, a pre-settlement funding loan can be handy if you’re a plaintiff in a lawsuit. It extends the amount of time you’ve got for negotiating. This can mean the difference between the judgment you’ve been longing for, and settling for much less.

Are you in need of pre-settlement funding? Contact us today and get a no-risk pre-settlement loan in less than 24




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pre settlement funding

Lawsuits are stressful, time-consuming, and expensive.

Your day in court may take months or even years to arrive. Yet this doesn’t guarantee that the end is in sight. There are many twists and turns as the legal process unfolds. Read on to see how pre settlement funding can help.

On top of this, stress is magnified if your lawsuit is a result of some personal injury, medical malpractice, or other debilitating event. You may be struggling to pay bills, such as medical bills, rent, or utilities.

Some people may be lucky enough to have friends or relatives to help you in your time of need, but even this can have a limit, and you may not feel comfortable borrowing money from loved ones.

So, what is someone supposed to do in this situation? You’ve heard of a pre-settlement loan, but what is it? Can it help you in this challenging time, or will it add to more stress in the end?

Perhaps you’ve taken out a pre-settlement funding loan but need more cash, so are wondering if you can have a second one? Continue reading to find out the answer to these questions.


What’s a Pre-Settlement Funding Loan?

So before deciding whether pre-settlement funding is suitable for you, what it is? A pre-settlement funding loan is a comparatively new type of financing that can be obtained by plaintiffs for a variety of lawsuits.

However, a pre-settlement funding loan isn’t really a loan but is actually a cash advance based on the expected verdict or settlement of your pending legal case.

The funding can also be known as a “lawsuit advance,” “lawsuit funding,” or a “pre-settlement advance.”

As stated, pre-settlement loans aren’t really loans as we know them in the traditional sense. This is because you only need to pay back what you borrowed if you win your case. If you lose your case, you’re not required to pay back the money.

This is important, so let me reiterate the point- After you file a lawsuit, and realize you’re in financial difficulties, you can approach a lawsuit funding company and ask them for a pre-settlement funding loan.

They’ll then contact your attorney to determine the strength of your case. If the case seems solid, the company advances you money based on an estimation of your legal claims.

If you win the case, you pay back the money from the settlement; if you lose, you pay nothing back.


What Types of Lawsuits is This for?

So far, this sounds pretty good, but perhaps you’re wondering whether your lawsuit is eligible for this loan?

The financing is available for a wide variety of lawsuits. These include:


Each financing company may vary on the lawsuits they fund, so be sure to communicate with them and your attorney properly before deciding anything.

What’s the Process for Getting Pre-Settlement Funding?

Should you decide to go for pre-settlement funding, the process should be as simple as:


  1. Finding a pre-settlement funding company to work with.
  2. The chosen funding company will then correspond with your attorney to review your lawsuit.
  3. With your attorney, you sign the agreement
  4. The company typically offers a choice as to how you will receive the funds. The money could be ovennighted wired or even come in the form of a debit card. The time of getting funding varies, but some companies offer financing to be delivered within 24 hours without any additional fees. Talk this through with your attorney and chosen company.

Simple, right?


Need More Cash?

You may find that the payment doesn’t entirely cover what you need. What do you do then?

This depends on the details of your legal case. You may be able to get more than one advance, but in general, you can only sell a maximum of between 15-20%.

What do I mean by sell? If you win your case, the money that you borrowed will be paid out of your settlement. Companies offer the funding based on an estimation of your final settlement after any legal or attorney fees are paid.


How Many Pre Settlement Funding Loans Can I Get?

Technically, there isn’t a set limit on how many loans you can get. So, in theory, the company may allow you to get a second pre-settlement loan. However, this will need to be determined by your funding company and your legal team.

Generally, the funding estimated is the maximum amount you can borrow, because when you first take out the loan, your legal team and company will assess how much money you get from your settlement and how much you will need to see you through that time.

The loan is typically restricted to 15-20 percent of the estimated value of your legal case. This is because it’s only supposed to be a modest loan that will keep you afloat during the process.

Of course, many expenses are unforeseen, especially if you’re unable to work or need ongoing medical care. In this case, you may need to re-apply for a new cash advance on your settlement.

However, the total payout (this means both loans if you take out two) must stay under 20% of the lawsuit valuation. This is to protect you and the lending company, as these loans are usually considered “non-recourse” loans.

It also means that if you get your settlement, you won’t find that the majority has been lost trying to pay off this settlement.

Pre-settlement funding loans can be beneficial during a fierce legal battle. The last thing you need during this already stressful time is to have to fret about bills, so this funding could be precisely what is required to stay afloat.


Does That Clarify Things for You?

We hope that having read this article we’ve answered some of your questions about pre-settlement funding. If you want to learn more about this topic, please feel free to reach out and contact us and we’ll do our best to help!

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How To Find The Best Rate On A Pre-

Best Lawsuit Loan Companies

Best Lawsuit Loan Companies

Settlement Funding Loan

How To Find The Best Rate On A Pre Settlement Funding Loan

Taking a look at the ins and outs of finding the best interest rate on your pre-settlement funding loan. How to make sure your needs are being covered.

Pre-settlement funding allows you to get a percentage of your lawsuit settlement before your case is over.

These loans have real benefits. A Settlement Funding loan or a Lawsuit Cash Advance can allow you to pursue a case that you might not otherwise be able to afford, which helps you to seek justice even without the deep pockets your opponent has.

The loans also help you pay your bills while waiting to appear in front of the judge. Too often, complainants must turn to credit cards and predatory loans to make up for lost income or pay their bills, leaving them with debt, missed payments, and damaged credit. Pre-settlement funding ensures you don’t end up in a worse financial position than you would be if you never sued.

To make the most of these loans, you need to find one with the right rates. Here’s how to shop around for a settlement loan.

1. Find the Best Interest Rate



Best Pre Settlement Loan Companies

Best Pre Settlement Loan Companies

Pre-settlement loans aren’t loans in the traditional sense. You will pay back what you borrow, but only if you win your case.(this feature is refered to as a non-recourse loan) You don’t owe anything if you don’t receive a settlement order from the judge.

However, they are similar to loans and other credit products in that the funding company does assess interest rates.

Interest rates are the first thing you should look at when you shop around because there isn’t presently any regulations on these rates. As a result, they can vary dramatically, if only because each lawsuit loan company can assess what they feel is best for them.

When looking for the best rate, make sure you distinguish between compounding and simple interest.

A simple interest rate is a flat rate. Compounding interest means you also pay interest on the interest. Naturally, simple interest is the best choice if you can find it.

In a similar vein, you might find it easier to borrow only what you need – not the maximum amount the funder offers you. By borrowing carefully, you make sure your bills get paid, but a smaller loan amount means you will pay less in interest. It means you keep more of your settlement when it does come in.

2. Find the Best Review Fees

Best Deal Lawsuiot Loans


Reputable lenders won’t charge you for a quote, per se. However, there will be a review fee involved with actually providing your loan.

They add these fees because settlement funding providers do a lot of work behind the scenes to determine whether providing a loan is appropriate.

Lenders have to consult with your attorney and review your case before they can offer you anything. Remember that you don’t pay back the settlement loan if you don’t win the case, so each company needs to ensure that you have a strong case before making you a firm offer. If they don’t do the research, they risk losing their investment.

These fees aren’t unique, and all loans come with some charge (and credit cards with an annual fee). But at least settlement funding loans are safer: you still have to pay your credit card bills and return anything you borrow from your 401k if you lose or if your settlement is much lower than anticipated.

Tip: Make sure that you factor in the cost of the review fee with interest.

3. Look for Other Fees Like Origination, Application, and Underwriting Fees

Each company may assess different fees that include an application fee, review fee, or underwriting fee in addition to interest and your origination fee.

All of these should factor into your decision.

Ask every company who offers you a quote to provide a detailed breakdown of all the fees involved and compare them.

You should also compare the companies that assess fees with a low-interest rate with those who skip the fees but add a higher interest rate.

If your case will likely wrap up in only a few weeks or months, you might be better off using a higher interest rate with no other fees than choosing a low- interest rate but hundreds or thousands of dollars in fees.

You also want professional advice, which brings us to price comparison tip #4.

4. Have Your Attorney Read the Agreement for You

Pre settlement Lawsuit Loans


You should always involve your attorney in any attempt to secure pre-settlement funding.

Often, you have no choice, as most companies require you to have an attorney before they lend to you. Additionally, they’ll need your attorney to sign off on the paperwork to make sure they get paid when your case ends.

You should also ask your attorney to read any funding agreements that you receive. They can pick out any other fees that you might not see itemized in your quote.

For example, the contract may include a provision that raises your interest fee if your cases go one longer than a year.

Your attorney might also have an opinion on the funding company if past clients used them before.

Do Your Research Before Accepting Any Settlement Funding Loan

All settlement funding loan providers offer a similar product with the same premise: to provide you with money to pay your bills while you seek fair compensation in a lawsuit.

However, each loan is different, and it’s vital to shop around before signing the dotted line. Doing the math on every loan offer and comparing them will show you that sometimes your first choice might not be the best one.

And as always, have your attorney look over any offers you receive. It’s essential for your attorney to be on board from the beginning, and they can provide you with helpful advice to make your decision.

Do you qualify for a pre settlement funding loan? Start your search with LawCash911 and learn about your pre-settlement loan option in the next 24 hours.  Sex Discrimination Lawsuit Loan  Law Firm Funding – Attorney Loans   Slip-Fall-Lawsuit-Funding-Loans   Qui Tam Lawsuit Loan  Employment Discrimination Lawsuit Loans   How To Find-Best Rate Pre Settlement Loan  How to Find Same-Day Lawsuit Pre Settlement Funding   AUTO ACCIDENT LAWSUIT LOANS

Know Your Options

Settlement Funding for Qui Tam Cases

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Pre Settlement Funding can Help

Lawsuits can take years to produce a verdict or for the parties to agree on a settlement. If you are suing for compensation and damages, you may not be able to survive the long wait. – Pre settlement funding can help/

Most lawyers are well financed and can comfortably take their fee after you win your case, You, on the other hand, may have all sorts of bills piling up at home.. When paired with lost income – either temporary or permanent – the results can be devastating to your finances.

You don’t need to let the debt accumulate while you wait for your settlement. Avoid the hole in the first place by considering pre-settlement lawsuit funding.

Here are the most common questions plaintiffs have about these loans.

1. What is Pre-Settlement Lawsuit Funding?

Pre-settlement lawsuit funding is a transaction in which a funding firm buys a portion of your future expected lawsuit settlement and gives you the cash upfront.

When your settlement arrives, and the check clears, they receive the portion they purchased.

2. Is it a Loan?

Lawsuit funding isn’t a loan. Although it looks like a loan on the surface and some people refer them to colloquially as lawsuit loans, there’s a significant difference: you always need to re-pay a loan from a bank or another lender.

With pre settlement funding, if you don’t win your case, you don’t repay anything at all. The money was 100% free. The funding company takes all the risk. That sounds pretty good!

Lawsuit Loans


3. Does My Case Qualify for Funding?

Pre-settlement funding is available for personal injury claims where you have been harmed or injured in some way. You are suing the defendant and seeking compensatory damages

The claims typically funded include:

A good rule of thumb to judge as to whether your case qualifies is quite simple. Ask yourself the following questions. Be truthful now! Was I actually harmed in some measurable way? Is there an excellent chance my case will win? Does the defendant have adequate insurance? Did my attorneys file a valid lawsuit? Do I have good attorneys? If you can answer-yes-to all those questions, then you can be pretty sure you will be approved for funding.

4. How Much Can I Borrow?

The amount you may borrow depends upon an analysis of the expected  you will receive at the end of your litigation.

When you apply for funding, the buyer considers:

  • Your attorney’s estimate of your eventual settlement
  • The funders evaluation regarding the strength of your case
  • The length of time the case could take to complete.
  • If there were any offers made by the defendant.
  • All of these factors determine the risk of your case. Why is the funder so careful? Because the funding company loses if you lose, they want to minimize their losses while still providing a helpful service.

Expect an offer to make up about 10 to 20 percent of your total settlement estimation.

5. How Quickly Do I Get the Money?

Lawsuit Funding Advances


While banks use an underwriting process that takes one or more weeks, lawsuit funding firms take a different and more efficient approach.

They will speak to your attorney – and perhaps ask their legal team – to provide documents relating to your case. The process moves along faster if your attorney cooperates and if your case is clear cut. Unusual cases like Trademark cases are much more difficult to get approved.

However, funding companies always aim to get you the money ASAP.

6. What if I am Representing Myself?

If you are representing yourself in small claims court or mediation, then you will not be approved for lawsuit funding. The same is true if you haven’t yet hired an attorney for your case.

Lawsuit funding companies need to know about the validity of your case before they can get invol;pved.

7. Do I Need to Provide My Personal Details?

Lawsuits are often full of sensitive information that you want to share with no one but your attorney.

The research needed for funding doesn’t require your attorney to breach attorney-client privileges.

Funding researchers always want to know the same things:. They are not interested in your personal details.

  1. How strong your case is
  2. How much you might win
  3. How long the case will take

Answering these questions doesn’t require the team to walk through the case step-by-step or learn any private information you divulged to your attorney.

8. Do I Need My Attorney’s Permission?

Yes, in a manner of speaking, you do.

An attorney’s cooperation is critical to the research required to secure your funding.

If you receive an offer you want to accept, then your attorney must also sign the “Acknowledgement by Counsel” form. They must sign the form because funding company and your attorney work together to settle the debt once you receive your settlement.

The attorney is never signing on th the debt nor is he ever responsible financially.

9. Do I Need to Pay Any Fees?

Yes, you will pay a fee and cost of the loan on your settlement advance. However, it is not due until your settlement check comes in.

All the fees included in the lump sum are made clear in your quote and again in your contract agreement. You should structure your borrowing around those fees, particularly if much of the settlement money is already earmarked for other debt or bills that occurred before, during, or after your lawsuit.

Litigitimate lawsuit funders will never charge a fee to investigate your case and provide you with a quote. So the quote is always free.

10. Is There a Credit Check Involved?



No, there is no credit check required.

The purchase isn’t contingent on your ability to pay back the sum over a fixed term. So, there’s no need to worry about your credit, income, or any other financial items. You don’t even have to be employed.

Skipping the credit check can be a relief for those going through a lawsuit because personal injury suits so often involve some type of incapacity to earn.

11. What Happens if I Lose or if My Settlement is Far Lower than Expected?

If you lose or your settlement comes in at an amount vastly lower than you expect, then you don’t need to do anything.

The buyer assumes the risk when they agree to purchase part of your settlement.

12. How Does the Buyer Get Repaid?

When you receive your settlement, your attorney will take out the required funds to pay themselves and to pay the buyer. They do this before you get the check, so you don’t need to worry about getting in touch to return the money.

Is Pre-Settlement Funding Right for You?

Pre-settlement lawsuit funding offers a chance for you to get some of your settlement before your case ends. For many plaintiffs, cash advances provide a huge relief because the damages of many personal injury lawsuits are the financial burdens associated with the injury.

Funding isn’t right for everyone, and you need your attorney to get on board to qualify. Do you have more questions about getting an advance on your personal injury settlement? Contact us for more answers.

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pre-settlement cash advance


At any point in time, many people are waiting for the payout of their legal settlement. However, the wait can be long, and sometimes you need that money sooner rather than later.Applying for Pre Settlement Funding can Help

It turns out that a pre settlement cash advance could be your best option. Here are just a few reasons why this really is the

pre settlement loans

Pre settlement loans can helpbest choice for you and your family!   Product liability cases take years to settle – Some examples are – Roundup Pre settlement Cash Advances  Hernia Mesh pre settlement cash advances

IVC Filter pre settlement cash advances  Essure pre settlement cash advances

1. No Extra Cost?

One of the typical reasons for seeking pre settlement funding is simple. It’s quite possible your final payout might be delayed because your own attorney has requested additional time to try and negotiate a larger settlement. While any plan to receive more money sounds attractive, you still have to pay your daily living expenses during the protracted litigation.

Almost 99% of the time, the costs associated with your pre settlement advance will be recovered when you win or settle your lawsuit.. That means you get the cash you need right now without having to pay an annoying bill down the line. Usually you still end up with a juicy payout even after any pre settlement cash advances are paid.

Compare this to other funding alternatives. You can employ other options like payday loans or credit cards, but the interest means you are paying extra out of pocket on a weekly basis and may even find yourself swimming in debt.

2. Out of Work  – Pre Settlement Funding Can Help

Some of the most common lawsuit settlements are a result of accidents involving injuries. If you’ve gotten seriously injured on the job, then you definitely deserve compensation from the company and any third party defendants who are liable.

However, there’s an obvious problem with waiting. After getting injured in this way, you may not be able to work at all.

With no money coming into your home, things can quickly spiral out of control. In fact, your entire life may be compromised just by missing a single monthly payment

With pre-settlement funding, you can get the money you need right away to take care of your home and your family. And this gives you the peace of mind while you are putting your life back in order.

3. It’s Fast

The problem with waiting on a settlement is, of course, the “waiting” part. When it comes to alternative ways of getting your money, you’ll want something much speedier.

Pre settlement Funding

Pre settlement Funding

And this is an area in which pre settlement lawsuit funding really shines. In most instances, top rated organizations can review your case and make the appropriate lawsuit cash advance within a few business days.

Furthermore, they can pay you through a variety of speedy methods, including wiring you the money. Wherever you are, you’ll be able to get your money quite quickly even within hours.

4. Depleted Savings

As a culture, we tend to mythologize the savings account. Our prevailing idea is that if we put away enough money, we can be protected from anything that happens in the future.

However, all it takes is waiting for a settlement without any income to destroy this fantasy. Why? Because the legal process typically takes many years before a verdict or settlement agreement is reached.

If you are unable to work for this entire time, you will eventually reach the end of your savings account. And with no extra money coming in, you’ll need to get funding from somewhere.

With pre-settlement funding, you can pay for things after your savings are gone. Or if you act quickly enough, you can get your settlement while most of your savings are still intact!

5. No Credit Check

You can imagine that waiting for a settlement typically has a negative effect on someone’s credit. Once they blow through their savings, it’s typically to rely on credit cards. And if those credit cards have not been paid on time, your credit score tanks.

Because of this, some worry they won’t qualify for pre settlement funding. Fortunately, credit is not even a consideration when you apply. There is not even a credit report run.

The only qualifier for a pre settlement loan is having a case where you are likely to receive a settlement. As we said before, your settlement is how your pre settlement cash advance is paid, so they don’t care about your credit score.

Obviously, it’s still good to monitor your credit score and protect it when possible. And seeking pre settlement funding sooner rather than later can help you preserve your current score.

6. Insurance Woes

Pre Settlement Cash Advances

Pre Settlement Cash Advances

While waiting for a settlement, many people ultimately realize an unfortunate truth: their insurance company won’t protect them.

We spend our whole lives paying into insurance companies so they will take care of us when disaster strikes. However, the insurance company primarily focuses on their bottom line rather than a person’s well-being.

For example, the insurance company is going to push you to settle quickly and be done with the case. But doing so means you might end up settling for less money than you are truly owed.

With a pre settlement funding advance you can get funding now so you can afford to wait for a proper settlement amount.

7. All Digital

One of the worst things about seeking a settlement is all of the paperwork. It’s very stressful to fill it out, and it seems like there is no end of forms for you to sign.

Because of this, some people think that pre-settlements must also be a paperwork nightmare. Fortunately, this is not the case!

For the most part, you can handle pre settlement paperwork at home in your pajamas. You can receive and review electronic documents,then sign everything digitally.

Sure, there is still a bit of paperwork to handle. But it’s all digital, meaning it takes no time at all and doesn’t even require you to ever leave the house.

8. Keep Your Bill Collectors At Bay  – Best Lawsuit Loan Companies

Get a Pre Settlement Loan

Get a Pre Settlement Loan

Arguably, the worst part of waiting for a settlement is the continuing bills. Or maybe we should say the bill collectors!

If you cannot work due to an injury on the job, then your bills are going to quickly pile up. And as the bills pile up, so do the late fees and other penalties.

Some unpaid bills quickly affect your quality of life. For example, you don’t want your power or your internet to be turned off while you wait for a settlement.

With presettlement lawsuit funding, you can pay all of those bills on time. They’ll never pile up and you won’t have to deal with any angry bill collectors.

Pre-Settlement Cash Advance: The Bottom Line

Now you know the benefits of getting a pre-settlement cash advance. But do you know who can help you get the cash you need?     www.LawCash911.com

We specialize in covering your legal costs and helping you get pre settlement cash. To see how we can put cash in your hands, come apply for funding today!



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