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If you’ve suffered an injury and initiated a lawsuit, you will need to try and estimate the amount of monetary compensation you are expecting when you eventually receive your Litigation Settlement. In order to make that calculation you need to know what kind of damages you are entitled to and make sure you claim them in your lawsuit. Click to see some advice and tips on getting pre settlement funding

Personal Injury Lawsuit



The first thing to do is figure out what your injuries have cost you financially, physically, and mentally. Here’s a guide to the common kinds of personal injury compensation claims. First of all.

How Personal Injury Compensation Works

Most personal injury damages are there to compensate the injured party for what was lost due to the accident or injury. They’re meant to ensure that the Plaintiff has recovered any losses as a result of the incident.

This means trying to place a monetary figure on the ramifications of an accident. Some cases are fairly simple to quantify.

Confirm Personal Injuries

Personal Injuries

Reimbursement for property damage and medical bills can be quite straightforward, for example – Add up all of your hospital bills Or have a contractor evaluate the damages to your physical assets.

Things become trickier when trying to put a value on any pain and suffering. This might include an inability to enjoy hobbies or sports due to the physical limitations caused by the injury.

If you are facing financial problems as a result of your accident, you might want to consider a Lawsuit Loan. This is also referred to as pre-settlement funding. It gives you access to your money before your case is settled.

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Medical Care

Personal injury compensation nearly always includes the cost of treatment. This would have to be medically associated with the accident.

It would include reimbursement for care already received. It will also cover compensation for the estimated costs of any medical care needed in the future as a result of the accident.



Your Earnings

You might be entitled to compensation if the accident had an impact on your income. This would not only be the income already lost. It would also include the money you would have been able to make had it not been for the accident.

This is known as compensation for an accident victim’s ‘loss of earning capacity.’

Loss of Property

Sometimes possessions such as a car or clothing can be damaged due to the accident. In these cases, you would probably be entitled to reimbursement for any repairs.

You might also receive compensation for the market value of the property that was lost.

Pain and Suffering

You might be entitled to compensation for any pain and serious discomfort you suffered during the accident. This might also apply to any ongoing pain that can be attributed to the accident.

There are two key category’s of pain and suffering.

Physical pain and suffering are what the plaintiff experiences from the actual physical injuries. It can also include the adverse effects that they may suffer in the future as a result of the accident.

Mental pain and suffering are more of a by-product of physical injuries. This could include things like mental anguish, emotional distress, loss of enjoyment of life, and shock.



This kind of suffering encompasses any type of negative emotion that an accident victim suffers due to the pain and trauma of the accident. In more serious cases, it could include depression and post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD.

Emotional Distress

This is normally linked to more serious accidents. Emotional distress damages are there to cover the psychological impact of injuries. This could include fear, anxiety, and sleep loss.

Some states take a different stance. They may consider emotional distress to be part of any ‘pain and suffering’ compensation awarded to a plaintiff. – Pre Settlement Funding can Help

Loss of Enjoyment

Sometimes injuries caused by the accident can prevent you from enjoying ordinary pursuits. These would be things like exercise, or other recreational activities. If so, you might be entitled to receive loss of enjoyment damages.

Loss of Consortium

These types of damages are normally linked to the impact the injuries have on your relationship with a spouse. That could include loss of companionship or the inability to maintain a sexual relationship.

Some states also consider the separate impact on the relationship between a parent and child when one is injured. In



some cases, these damages are awarded directly to the family member concerned rather than the injured plaintiff.

Punitive Damages

Sometimes a defendant’s conduct is deemed particularly careless. In these cases, a plaintiff may be awarded punitive damages as well as their compensatory damages award.

The goal of these types of damages is to punish the defendant for their conduct. Punitive damage awards can run into tens of millions of dollars. Most states, however, have set caps in personal injury cases. – Learr How Settlement Funding Works

Actions that Can Affect Damages

In some cases, an injured person may have had a role in the accident. Also,something they fail to do after being injured can have a negative impact on the final amount of damages they will receive. This is referred to as “failure to mitigate

Comparative Negligence



You may have been wholly or partially at fault for the accident which caused your injuries. The damages awarded to you will usually reflect this. This is because most states link damages to the degree of fault in personal injury cases.

Contributory Negligence

A small number of states follow the notion of ‘contributory negligence’ for personal injury lawsuits. Here it may mean you’re unable to recover any compensation at all if you’re deemed partially at fault for the accident.

Failure to Mitigate Damages

Most states expect plaintiffs in personal injury cases to take some reasonable steps to reduce costs. This means trying to lessen the financial impact of the harm caused by the accident.

If the injured party fails in their duty to get the necessary medical treatment, a damages award might be greatly reduced.

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When you’ve been involved in an accident, emotions can be running high. It’s important to be able to take a step back and look objectively at what kind of personal injury compensation might be due to you.


Our guide is there to help you through what can be a very traumatic experience. Find out the sorts of cases we fund here to see if we may be able to help you get the cash you deserve as quickly as possible.

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