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     Bayer, a pharmaceutical giant and well-known company, is now facing thousands of lawsuits from various industries ranging from RoundUp weed killer to the Essure birth control device. No doubt Bayer’s feet are being held to the fire on multiple fronts, but there may be nothing more heart-wrenching than the 32,000 lawsuits over the implantation method of the female sterilization device, Essure Throughout the United States, women have been forced to sue Bayer for the very serious effects they suffered as a result of the defective Essure birth control device.
Some of these women are part of an existing lawsuit but are having financial issues that seem to grow in size every week. Often that’s because it’s impossible to meet your financial responsibilities if your injury or the product’s damage prevents you from working. If you are a part of the ongoing lawsuit against Bayer for the injuries you suffered due to Essure birth control defective device, there is a way forward.
You can take care of your financial concerns and issues while you wait for your lawsuit to finalize. Read on to learn how your Essure lawsuit can result in your obtaining an Essure lawsuit loan today. The best thing about a lawsuit loan is they aren’t loans at all.
More information and details about how you can get your Essure lawsuit loan is below.


      If you’ve ever watched a legal drama on TV, you may think that the law of justice while slow, can get results in a fair amount of time. Real-life is almost never like it is on TV, and in civil suits the wheels of justice sometimes barely turn at all. If you’re lucky your lawsuit may settle in a few months, but there are times when product liability lawsuits take years.
The Essure lawsuits have been filed in federal and state courts throughout the nation. More than likely, the cases will take months, if not years, to get to trial. Even if you have a successful conclusion where you win, it may still take months for you to get through the paperwork needed to receive your check.
Bayer was notified in 2016 that women were having adverse reactions and injuries when they used the Essure birth control device. Yet Bayer continued to sell the device and didn’t pull it off the market. Bayer now faces over 32,000 lawsuits in part because they  hid complications from the device that includes perforated organs and migration of the device once implanted.
What’s almost incomprehensible is some of the serious side effects started immediately after the implantation.


Thus far, Bayer has made no public statement or let consumers know why Essure birth control lawsuits have begun to be filed by the thousands Bayer’s statement on Essure birth control was made in July of 2018. In that statement Bayer said their decision to pull Essure off the market had to do with declining sales numbers and the fact that Essure was no longer financially sustainable.
That’s not how ConsumerSafety.org sees Essure. They’ve documented the ongoing Essure complications and watched the women affected by Essure grow. They’ve also witnessed a 37,000 member Facebook group for women who suffered or are suffering from Essure side effects.


The Essure birth control device was approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a Class III medical device in 2002. Despite multiple requests from the FDA for updates on the device’s effectiveness and use once on the market, there were few responses. There were many violations recorded for not providing timely responses or no response at all.
Those violations walked hand-in-hand with the 26,700 complaints about Essure that were registered between 2002 and late 2017. In February of 2016 the FDA ordered Bayer to conduct new clinical trials on Essure based on the number of medical complaints being received. In November 2016 the FDA required a black box warning to be put on all Essure device boxes indicating risk of perforation, abdominal pain, allergy, and migration of the device once implanted.
Finally, in April 2018, it was the FDA that restricted the sale of the Essure device, not Bayer.


Towards the end of 2019, when the first lawsuits were making progress and moving towards trial dates being scheduled in 2020, Bayer starting trying to weed out every lawsuit claim they could with a legal defense called preemption. Preemption, in this case, means the FDA is the federal entity that approved Essure; hence, Bayer says the claims against them are groundless. The legal claims against them are groundless because they say they only did what the federal government told them they could do.
Bayer further argues it wasn’t their job to give warnings to the public because that’s what the FDA does. There are a couple of judges agreeing with Bayer, but many judges aren’t and allowing the lawsuits to move forward. In fact, California, Illinois, and Pennsylvania are now selecting bellwether trial cases and setting the trial dates.
Confidence is growing so much that there are some pre-settlement payouts expected in the coming months. That’s a positive for the many consumers that have been impacted by such a dangerous and harmful birth control device. These are the plaintiffs that worry they may never get to work again.
It so vital for those affected by Essure’s defective birth control device to have access to a pre-settlement loan using their lawsuit as the backing they need.

Pre-Settlement Loan and Advocate

There are times a pre-settlement loan advocate agency can get you the loan you need in as little as 48 hours. Almost every Essure lawsuit plaintiff needs some financial assistance today. The plaintiff understands and knows how long it can take for lawsuits to move through the legal system.
Yet every Essure plaintiff is willing to wait as long as it takes to see their Essure lawsuit move through the justice system.  Justice being served is why LawCash911 is there for you. LawCash911 wants you to be able to wait as long as possible because LawCash911 will be there with you every step of the way if you need them.
Reach out to LawCash911, so you can wait a bit for your Essure birth control lawsuit settlement. It’s important to stay as stress-free as you can by getting the funding you need. Start putting the past behind you and move forward with the money you need for your future.  Also Please Check Out Pther Types of Cases We Fund

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