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More than three million people are injured in an auto accident in just a single year.



In reality nothing can make up for the emotional pain and suffering of sustaining an injury from a car accident, The good news is the funds from a car accident settlement can help to offset the financial burden..

However, even though you know you’re likely to be awarded a hefty settlement in the future, it doesn’t do much to help you pay your ever-growing bills right now.

Whether you need to pay for medical bills, car repairs, or even personal expenses that have piled up because you’ve been unable to work, you may be able to access the money from your pending car accident settlement immediately.

Want to learn more about car settlement loans/lawsuit advances so you can get access to the money when you need it the most? After all, you have no idea how long it’ll take for your case to be completed, and you can’t afford to wait months — let alone years.

Read on to learn everything you need to know about pre-settlement funding.

The Basics of Car Accident Pre-Settlement Loans



First, let’s make sure you understand the basic definition of pre-settlement funding.

In short, it allows you to borrow/get early access to the money that you’ll be awarded in the future when you’ve reached a settlement in your car accident case. You may also have heard them referred to as lawsuit cash advances or litigation funding.

The best part?

It doesn’t matter how large or small you expect your auto accident settlement to be — in most cases, you’ll still be able to borrow a proportionate amount of  money. Additionally, it often doesn’t matter how severe the injuries you sustained in your car accident actually are. Even with minor injuries, you may still be able to access some of your upcoming settlement funds early.

Essentially, you promise to pay your lender back for the money you borrowed once your settlement begins paying out. This means you can avoid having to make monthly payments because your loan is only repaid once you’ve reached your settlement.

You should look for a pre-settlement loan provider that only requires you to pay back your money in the event you do win your lawsuit/settle out of court. This preferred sort of Cash Advance is called a Non-recourse loan.

Now, let’s take a look at the top benefits of car accident settlement funding

Why You Should Borrow From Your Future Car Accident Settlement



Of course,auto accident  pre-settlement funding allows you to pay for care and necessities while you recover and seek treatment for injuries you sustained in your car accident.

In fact, in some cases, you may even be able to get access to your money in 24 hours or less.

But there are numerous other benefits as well.

First of all, you’ll be able to stop spending your time arguing with your insurance companies that consistently try to low-ball you and settle your case for pennies on the dollar.

Plus, when you have access to some of the money from your upcoming settlement, you’ll be able to hold out for a much larger payout from your insurance company.

Additionally, in many cases, pre-settlement loans are much easier to access than loans from your bank. What’s more, you can use the money from a car accident settlement loan in any way you’d like — which isn’t always the case with traditional bank loans.

This means you can pay for your :hard cost” legal fees, medical bills, credit card bills, rent or mortgage, or even pay for a vacation to help ease your stress.

Finally, know that lenders don’t base their decision about whether or not to give you the loan on things like your current credit score, your income level, or the amount of debt you currently have. Instead, they look solely at the validity of your case.



This is wonderful news for those with bad credit scores or high amounts of debt.

Applying for a Auto Accident Settlement Advance

In order to be eligible for settlement loans, you’ll need to meet a few basic requirements.

First of all, you need to have an active court case — but don’t worry, you can apply for the loan at any point while the case is still active.

Additionally, you won’t be able to represent yourself in court if you plan to apply for a settlement loan. Getting the right legal representation is a smart move anyway, as it can prevent you from making mistakes that jeopardize your case and will likely win you a larger settlement.

Remember that the other party must be held liable for the accident. After all, if you caused the accident, you won’t be getting any kind of a settlement.

Above all, you need to ensure that you’ve done your research when it comes to your lender. Make sure you read online reviews, ensure they can fund lawsuits in your state, and that you know what to look out for.

Any company that guarantees approval or claims you don’t need to have an active lawsuit or an attorney to qualify isn’t a legitimate one.

Want to be certain you’re working with a settlement lending company you can trust?



Are You Ready to Apply for Pre-Settlement Funding?

The bottom line is – You don’t have to wait around to get access to money from a pending auto accident settlement.

Instead, by applying for pre-settlement funding, you may be able to get the money you need to pay medical bills and other expenses in as little as 24 hours.

Are you ready to start the application process and learn more about what to expect from pre-settlement funding?



If so, then we’re ready to work with you.

All you need to do is begin the process. Financial relief in the middle of an auto accident lawsuit is possible. Let us help you to get it.

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car accident loans


You’ve just been through a horrible car accident, and on top of the trauma, you now have to deal with mounting medical bills.

You can’t afford them. But at the end of the day, you can’t afford to give up on the settlement.

This is where a 24 hour car accident loan can help. Keep reading to find out more about how it works and how you can qualify.

What Is Pre-Settlement Funding

Pre-settlement funding is when a plaintiff (you) receives advanced money from a court award before a final decision is reached in the case.

The idea is simple: if you’re suing in court, there’s a good chance that you need the court award money.now. The problem is that lawsuits can stretch on for months at a time and you may not be able to wait that long.

Pre-settlement funding helps tide you over until the court award is finalized and you receive a check.

How It Works?

When you get this kind of funding, it’s kind of like a loan.

A company buys a portion of your future claim award. In exchange, you get cash, which you can use to pay for things while your attorney irons out the details of your claim.

From there,it’s important to differentiate whether you get a loan or some other form of a cash advance called  pre-settlement funding.

A loan requires you to pay back the money no matter what. There are other forms of lending that don’t require you to pay the money back if you lose.(Non Recourse Loans)

When your attorney settles your claim, the company who bought a portion of your future claim will receive the portion that they purchased.

The exact process varies between lenders, but most lenders have a targeted investment size and damage size in mind. Most lenders require your lawyer to take their fees on a contingency basis in order to ensure that everyone on the case is aligned toward the same goal.

Basically, your lawyer must be confident enough in the outcome of your trial to risk their fee on the final settlement payoff.

However, reputable financiers do not control the management of the case–including any discussions of a settlement. That falls to your lawyer. Your lender does not become a party to your case when they lend either. The only way this would change is if discovery found their funding to be relevant to the case.

Your lawyer also does not have any professional obligations to your lender other than informational rights specified in your financial documents such as acknowledging your cash advance.

Advantages and Disadvantages

If you’re faced with mounting bills and insufficient income to deal with them, you may be so desperate for a life jacket that you’ll jump at anything that comes your way.

But it is important to take the time to figure out whether a car accident loan is, in fact, the right solution to your problems.

With that in mind, here are a few pros and cons of these loans.

It Tides You Over

The single biggest advantage of these loans?

They tide you over.

Let’s break it down.

In a civil case, the prevailing party must provide a bill of costs, itemizing the expenses incurred in the course of the case. Common expenses include:

  • Fees paid to compel witnesses to attend court proceedings
  • Fees paid to expert witnesses
  • Filing fees
  • Document preparation fees
  • Miscellaneous fees associated with bringing a case to court

Note that attorney’s fees are not the same thing as costs. You can’t use loans to pay for attorney fees–the attorney must be retained on a 100% contingency basis.

Either way, your settlement rarely covers your out-of-pocket expenditures. Add in the fact that you’re dealing with mounting medical bills and may not be working (depending on your injury) and you’ve got one hefty bill on your hands.

Chances are good that you don’t have the income to handle it.

Car accident loans help you stay the course and keep your head above water until your settlement comes through. And if you desperately need that settlement, a loan may just be your saving grace.

It Can Get Expensive

Detractors usually point to the same criticism: loans like this can get expensive.

Most states don’t regulate these types of loans, which means they can get more expensive than credit card debt. That’s because you pay back the principal amount of the loan, as well as accrued interest and a funding fee.

The problem is that personal injury cases can take months or years to settle, and even longer to go to trial. That’s plenty of time for interest to build up, especially if the interest rate increases after the first year.

It Can Give You More Time



On the flip side, car accident lawsuits are expensive in their own right.

In 2013, car accident fatalities resulted in $44 billion in medical and work loss, costs, as well as the financial and emotional burdens on the victims’ families. If an accident wasn’t fatal, you’re still facing months of medical bills and lost time at work.

So when a case finally goes to court, you may be scrambling to get the money together just to pay the cost of pursuing the case. You can’t afford the fees, but you can’t afford to lose the case either–not with a mountain of medical debt building on your back.

Car accident loans can help buy you more time–enough to help you win your case and pay off your debts.

How to Qualify

Qualifying for auto accident loans depends on your accident type and the case itself.

Each lending company has its own qualification requirements. Our requirements are as follows:

  • You must have a valid case filed in court
  • You must have an attorney representing your case
  • The burden of liability must lie with the other party
  • The defendant must have insurance

Keep in mind, however, that every case is different, and you qualify for a loan on the merits of the case. So even if you do meet all the eligibility requirements, your application will still be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

The good news is that all of our loans are non-recourse. That means that you’re not personally liable for the cash we advance to you if you don’t win.

Do You Need Car a Accident Loan?

If you need a car accident loan, you need a life jacket. We’re here to provide you one.



Click here to take a look at the types of cases we fund or find out more about our funding loans.

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lawsuit cash advance

In the U.S. 32,000 people die and 2 million are injured each year from motor vehicle crashes.

If you have been seriously injured in a motor vehicle accident, you are likely struggling to pay your usual expenses, let alone your hospital and medical bills.

Your attorney is confident you have a case and you are taking it to trial. In the meantime, how are you supposed to pay your bills?

Your injury is limiting your ability to work and the bills keeping adding up.

You considered taking out a second mortgage or draining your personal savings, but that doesn’t seem right, after all, the insurance company owes you.

Fortunately, there is an option to help you get through the short term without the risk of future financial ruin.

Keep reading for more information about lawsuit cash advances and how they can help while you wait for your case to settle.

What is a Lawsuit Cash Advance?

When you are severely injured in a car accident, your world is turned upside down.

You will suddenly be faced with mounting medical bills and expenses and probably unable to work while you are in the hospital and recovering from your injuries.

Lawsuit cash advances allow you to pay for your hospital and medical bills, living expenses, utilities, and more during this difficult time.

It can take months or even years to negotiate a fair settlement and this cash advance will allow you to continue to function while you wait.

Lawsuit cash advances are a type of loan called a non-recourse loan.

This is a unique type of loan in that you don’t have to pay your lender back if you lose your case or don’t receive a settlement check after your case settles.

There are generally only two requirements to qualify for a cash advance on lawsuits. You must have a pending lawsuit against a person or company for their negligence and you must be represented by an attorney.

What Are the Benefits?

There are many benefits to a lawsuit cash advance.

It is hard to think of a reason not to apply for lawsuit cash advance funding if you were seriously injured as a result of another’s negligence.

Keep reading for some of the top benefits of applying for a cash advance on lawsuits.

Funding is Approved Quickly

Funding is easy and if you qualify for a lawsuit cash advance funding is usually received within 24-48 hours.

No Payments Until/Unless You Get Paid

Unlike other types of loans, lawsuit cash advance loans do not require you to make any payments until you receive a settlement check.

You can use the money to pay your other bills without having to worry about making payments on the loan while waiting for your case to settle.

As discussed above, because these loans are non-recourse if you do not receive a settlement check you are not required to pay back the loan.

No Income Verification Required

Most, if not all other loans require proof of income in order to qualify for the loan.

Because lawsuit cash advances are based on the anticipated receipt of a cash settlement, income verification is not required.

Most plaintiffs who take their case to court are seriously injured and unable to work and keep a steady income. Their debt to income ratio is likely higher because of their hospital and medical bills.

No Credit Check

You do not need good credit to qualify for a lawsuit cash advance.

In fact, you don’t need any credit at all. Good, bad, and no credit applicants can all apply and qualify for a lawsuit cash advance.

We will not check your credit score and will not ding your credit with an inquiry. Since lawsuit cash advances are based on the projected settlement amount, credit is not relevant.

No Collateral

Creditors will not verify your assets or require hard collateral either.

Your collateral is the strength of your case and the expectation of a cash settlement.

Since you will not be responsible for paying back the loan if you don’t win, you won’t need to provide that you could.

Save Your Savings

Some people consider cashing out their 401k or taking out a second mortgage to pay for their expenses while their case goes to trial.

This can cost thousands in taxes and risk your home’s equity. While this may seem reasonable at the time, this will result in numerous consequences down the line.

Lawsuit cash advances save you from having to use your own personal savings and assets to survive in the short term while you wait for your settlement.

Only Borrow What Should

One of the biggest benefits of a lawsuit cash advance for the consumer is that you are prevented from borrowing more than you can afford.

You will not be allowed to borrow more than you are expected to receive in your settlement.

With a traditional loan, you will be responsible for paying it back if you do not win your case and may end up in further debt.

With a lawsuit cash advance, you do not carry that risk as you do not have to pay back what you don’t win.

You Can Wait for the Best Settlement Possible

When you go into negotiations on your claim you and your attorney will come up with two amounts.

The first will be the amount you hope to get. The second amount is the lowest amount you are willing to accept.

With a lawsuit cash advance funding, you do not have to rush through negotiations. With cash advance on lawsuits, you can be patient during negotiations and demonstrate your conviction to the insurance company.

When the insurance company sees you are not willing to settle for just any amount you are more likely to get a higher settlement.

Getting a cash advance on your lawsuit allows you to take care of the things you need to pay before negotiations so you have time to get the best settlement possible.

Call Us Today

If you have a personal injury lawsuit and are represented by an attorney, you likely qualify for a lawsuit cash advance.

Don’t suffer quietly while you wait for the money the insurance company owes you.

Visit our website and contact us today for more information on the services we offer and to see if you qualify for a lawsuit cash advance.

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