Every Year There Are Thousands Of Personal Injury Cases – Pre Settlement Funding Can Help

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Benefits Of Pre Settlement Funding

Pre Settlement Loans

Every year, there are thousands of court cases filed. In fact, in 2016 alone, more than 149,501 personal injury and liability cases reached the court. And that number only goes up. But court cases take time to reach a settlement and give you the money you deserve. So, how do you cover your living expenses when it’s possible you can’t work?

Pre-settlement funding loans can help.

And just like any type of funding or loan, you need to qualify. Here’s what you need to know. Why Consider Pre-Settlement Funding? Court decisions take a lot of time. And when you’re injured and unable to work, finding a way to pay your bills can be almost impossible. But for many people in these situations, taking out a traditional loan isn’t an option. Standard loans require good credit scores and low existing debt. These loans often have short repayment terms and high interest rates, even if you have great credit. Worse, you have to start making payments as soon as you receive the money. Without money coming in, how can you expect to repay the loan? Well, you can’t. That’s where pre settlement loans can help.

How Do They Help?

These loans give you money you need without forcing you to start paying the cash advance back as soon as you receive it. Even better, the lawsuit cash advance you receive gets taken out against the finalized settlement award. Once your attorney settles or wins your case and he receives the insurance payment, your settlement loan gets repaid out of the proceeds The remainder of the money goes directly to you. If you don’t win your case, you won’t owe the lender a penny. Qualifications for the Loan Pre-settlement funding may work like a loan, but the qualifications are completely different from standard loans. Lenders do not review or even consider your credit score, existing debt, or income level. Instead, they simply look at the merits of your legal case. You Must Have a Valid Case Filed in Court Pre-settlement funding is only approved if you have a meritorious case currently in court. Since the lender bases the loan amount on your expected settlement, it will not be approved without an active case. But that also means you can apply for the loan at any time during your case. If you expect to battle it out in court for a few months, apply at the beginning of the process.

In conclusion…

If you’ve already been fighting for your settlement for months, apply now. Even if your legal team has reached a settlement, you’re free to apply for funding.This would be considered post settlement funding and it is easy to get approved for. An Attorney Must Represent Your Case in Court In order to qualify for a settlement loan, you can’t represent yourself in court. You have to work with a qualified attorney. Your attorney must also be representing you on a contingency basis. This is because they base the loan amount on your estimated settlement amount. And you’re more likely to get a larger settlement if your attorney is willing to base his fee on a victory in court. Lenders only want to award loans and funding if they believe you’ll win your case. If you do not retain an attorney they will not have confidence in your ability to reach an adequate settlement. The Burden of Liability Should be on the Other Party Settlement loans are only awarded to people who expect to receive a settlement payment. This means you can’t be responsible for the accident or liable for damages. Simply put – It must be the other party’s fault. The other party must bear the brunt of the liability. If they don’t or if the liability is tough to prove, you probably won’t get the funding in the first place or you will be approved for a smaller advance.

So Why Would You Take Out A Pre Settlement Loan

You Have Bills to Pay You wouldn’t take out a loan without bills to pay. So why would you take out a settlement loan if you were okay financially? The answer is,no one knows how long it will take to settle a lawsuit. The loan is best used by people that are struggling to pay rent, put food on the table, and cover monthly expenses. Remember, it’s still a cash advance. You’ll still get charged some form of recovery cost if you win your settlement. If you can cover your bills another way, it might be in your best interest as pre settlement loans can be costly. But if you can’t, a pre-settlement loan is always an option.

Hold Out For A Better Settlement

But there is another advantage in receiving pre settlement funding. Having money to remain financially stable may allow you to wait out any insurance company “low ball” offers. In the end, you might be able to wait fr a much larger settlement. That is a win-win for you. You’re Willing to Use Settlement Funds to Repay the Loan Unlike traditional loans, you won’t have to make monthly payments to the lender. Instead, your loan gets repaid by your court settlement. Any recovery charges and principal amount get taken out of the settlement awarded by the court. This means you’ll end up getting a smaller check after your case settles. But it also means you’ll be able to avoid the hassle of early repayment at the time you need the money most. Not Everyone Will Qualify Because it’s the Case that Counts Even if you meet all of the qualifications on the surface, you may not qualify for the loan. Every case is different. Settlement loan providers always examine each case in detail before making a decision. Even if you think you’ll win your case, the lender may disagree. This means you won’t be given the loan. What Happens If You Don’t Win Pre-settlement funding providers only give loans to people they’re confident will win in court. This means they assume the risk of the loan. If you don’t win your case, you pay nothing back to the lender. If you took out a traditional loan, this would not be the case. You’re expected to repay the loan in full whether you win or not. For individuals that lose their case, this leads to a significant strain on your budget. All our pre settlement loans are “non recourse” loans which simply means you are never personally liable for any cash advance to you.That’s nice! Get Pre-Settlement Funding Now If you’re facing a personal injury lawsuit, it could be months before you get a cash settlement. But especially if you’re not working, your expenses will still add up. Take the stress and strain out of waiting for a court decision. Apply Now for pre-settlement funding today. If you lose your case, you won’t owe anything

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