8 Reasons To Apply for Pre Settlement Funding

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At any point in time, many people are waiting for the payout of their legal settlement. However, the wait can be long, and sometimes you need that money sooner rather than later.Applying for Pre Settlement Funding can Help

It turns out that a pre settlement cash advance could be your best option. Here are just a few reasons why this really is the

pre settlement loans

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1. No Extra Cost?

One of the typical reasons for seeking pre settlement funding is simple. It’s quite possible your final payout might be delayed because your own attorney has requested additional time to try and negotiate a larger settlement. While any plan to receive more money sounds attractive, you still have to pay your daily living expenses during the protracted litigation.

Almost 99% of the time, the costs associated with your pre settlement advance will be recovered when you win or settle your lawsuit.. That means you get the cash you need right now without having to pay an annoying bill down the line. Usually you still end up with a juicy payout even after any pre settlement cash advances are paid.

Compare this to other funding alternatives. You can employ other options like payday loans or credit cards, but the interest means you are paying extra out of pocket on a weekly basis and may even find yourself swimming in debt.

2. Out of Work  – Pre Settlement Funding Can Help

Some of the most common lawsuit settlements are a result of accidents involving injuries. If you’ve gotten seriously injured on the job, then you definitely deserve compensation from the company and any third party defendants who are liable.

However, there’s an obvious problem with waiting. After getting injured in this way, you may not be able to work at all.

With no money coming into your home, things can quickly spiral out of control. In fact, your entire life may be compromised just by missing a single monthly payment

With pre-settlement funding, you can get the money you need right away to take care of your home and your family. And this gives you the peace of mind while you are putting your life back in order.

3. It’s Fast

The problem with waiting on a settlement is, of course, the “waiting” part. When it comes to alternative ways of getting your money, you’ll want something much speedier.

Pre settlement Funding

Pre settlement Funding

And this is an area in which pre settlement lawsuit funding really shines. In most instances, top rated organizations can review your case and make the appropriate lawsuit cash advance within a few business days.

Furthermore, they can pay you through a variety of speedy methods, including wiring you the money. Wherever you are, you’ll be able to get your money quite quickly even within hours.

4. Depleted Savings

As a culture, we tend to mythologize the savings account. Our prevailing idea is that if we put away enough money, we can be protected from anything that happens in the future.

However, all it takes is waiting for a settlement without any income to destroy this fantasy. Why? Because the legal process typically takes many years before a verdict or settlement agreement is reached.

If you are unable to work for this entire time, you will eventually reach the end of your savings account. And with no extra money coming in, you’ll need to get funding from somewhere.

With pre-settlement funding, you can pay for things after your savings are gone. Or if you act quickly enough, you can get your settlement while most of your savings are still intact!

5. No Credit Check

You can imagine that waiting for a settlement typically has a negative effect on someone’s credit. Once they blow through their savings, it’s typically to rely on credit cards. And if those credit cards have not been paid on time, your credit score tanks.

Because of this, some worry they won’t qualify for pre settlement funding. Fortunately, credit is not even a consideration when you apply. There is not even a credit report run.

The only qualifier for a pre settlement loan is having a case where you are likely to receive a settlement. As we said before, your settlement is how your pre settlement cash advance is paid, so they don’t care about your credit score.

Obviously, it’s still good to monitor your credit score and protect it when possible. And seeking pre settlement funding sooner rather than later can help you preserve your current score.

6. Insurance Woes

Pre Settlement Cash Advances

Pre Settlement Cash Advances

While waiting for a settlement, many people ultimately realize an unfortunate truth: their insurance company won’t protect them.

We spend our whole lives paying into insurance companies so they will take care of us when disaster strikes. However, the insurance company primarily focuses on their bottom line rather than a person’s well-being.

For example, the insurance company is going to push you to settle quickly and be done with the case. But doing so means you might end up settling for less money than you are truly owed.

With a pre settlement funding advance you can get funding now so you can afford to wait for a proper settlement amount.

7. All Digital

One of the worst things about seeking a settlement is all of the paperwork. It’s very stressful to fill it out, and it seems like there is no end of forms for you to sign.

Because of this, some people think that pre-settlements must also be a paperwork nightmare. Fortunately, this is not the case!

For the most part, you can handle pre settlement paperwork at home in your pajamas. You can receive and review electronic documents,then sign everything digitally.

Sure, there is still a bit of paperwork to handle. But it’s all digital, meaning it takes no time at all and doesn’t even require you to ever leave the house.

8. Keep Your Bill Collectors At Bay  – Best Lawsuit Loan Companies

Get a Pre Settlement Loan

Get a Pre Settlement Loan

Arguably, the worst part of waiting for a settlement is the continuing bills. Or maybe we should say the bill collectors!

If you cannot work due to an injury on the job, then your bills are going to quickly pile up. And as the bills pile up, so do the late fees and other penalties.

Some unpaid bills quickly affect your quality of life. For example, you don’t want your power or your internet to be turned off while you wait for a settlement.

With presettlement lawsuit funding, you can pay all of those bills on time. They’ll never pile up and you won’t have to deal with any angry bill collectors.

Pre-Settlement Cash Advance: The Bottom Line

Now you know the benefits of getting a pre-settlement cash advance. But do you know who can help you get the cash you need?     www.LawCash911.com

We specialize in covering your legal costs and helping you get pre settlement cash. To see how we can put cash in your hands, come apply for funding today!



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